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Nutmeg Essential Oil 10 ml

6,40 €

Aroma: spicy, sharp, masculine, strong, warm.
In aromatherapy: relieves restlessness and stress. Used in aroma lamps, in diffusers, for massage. Traditionally has been used as a tonic, has coagulant properties, brings relief for infections and inflammations, helps with digestive problems and menstrual cramps. Stimulates blood circulation, helps in relieving cold symptoms, detoxifies liver and kidneys, offers relief from toothache and gum problems, removes bad breath. Knows as an aphrodisiac. Helps to concentrate (study, work). Used in perfumery, in creams, lotions and soaps.
Blends well with: lavender, rosemary, lime, orange, clove.

INCI: Myristica Fragrans Kerner Oil