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Estonian Forest

6,00 €
10,00 €

Why should you choose soy wax candle?

* Soy wax candle burns 30-50% longer; 

*Soy wax burns 90% cleaner than paraffin; 

* NURME candles are scented only with natural essential oils and do not damage the respiratory system;

* No added colorants, making them the most natural. 

This soy wax candle hand poured by masters contains essential oils of pine and juniper. If you've visited the islands of Estonia, then you recognize the scent. But if you haven't yet then this is how the little islands of this little country smell like - with the air so fresh and nature so peaceful...

NB! Before using this candle, please read the instructions from the bottom of the candle. If not used as suggested, it may produce excessive soot or the flame will be too high.